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Goal: to become the greatest visual storyteller.

I don’t know if the homey Geoff (@MrStoutApparel) will appreciate this shot with Pastor Troy or if it will make him even more angry that he caught Outkast’s Friday night show in Atlanta and not Sunday…when EVERYBODY gotdamn performed on the show.

P-Troy crushed it and then afterwards went through the crowd showing crazy love.

S/O to my big sis CC for rolling with a champ at a last minute notice. We had a ball. I was in the joint with a Kodak disposable, ol’ school like my Pops!

S/O to the homey Defacto Thezpian (@ImDefactoHoe) who crushed the Shakori Hills Grassroots Festival during Spirit Posse’s DJ set.

Fun time had by all.

(Photos by Johnny J. Jones)

Awesome pleasure and privilege to spend the day with the homeys Toon and The Real Laww (@ToonNLaww) as they kicked off the first night of Hopscotch Music Festival on a day one bill that included the legendary De La Soul.

(September 4, 2014)

In the midst of playing catch up seemingly in every aspect of my life, especially when it pertains to images that I have shot over the past (many) months.

Stopped by the Durham Civil Rights Mural Project about a month ago and snapped a shot of the progress as well as a shot of the homey, Cynelsa (@seewhyNELSA), who’s been serving as one of the volunteer painters.

What does determination look like?

One may argue that Will Knight bares the look of determination.

After facing a number of hurdles (failed partnership, rejection from banks, crowdfunding shortcoming), Will remains on schedule to open Will’s Social Bistro & Lounge in Durham, NC.

Determination often involves not giving yourself the option to fail.

(Still photo by yours truly, while filming a soon-to-be announced project with Will Knight.)

Union Station. Denver, Colorado.

(© 2014. Johnny J. Jones)

This one time shooting Proverbs Clothing’s Fall/Winter looks in #3010 and the homey Whitney included the coolest kid ever, Sebastian, in the shoot.

The li’l homey was super personable and all about the photo shoot. It was the first time I actually did not want to stop shooting with a child (note: most, apparently, have an inner clock of maybe three minutes max before they need to be coddled in some way).

S/O to Sebastian, man. I know he’s going to be awesome at whatever he chooses to do in life.

Sidebar: I’m trying out different logos for this here personal blog. The logo used in this picture was cool while making…but it just ain’t “it”. Feel free to offer feedback.

Auditioning for the role of Superman/Clark Kent on a hot ass summer day in DURM.

I didn’t get the part. Damn you, perspiration.

(Photo courtesy of Runaway Clothes’ blog.

I occasionally get fly.

Well, actually I don’t…but I ain’t do too bad upon this occasion if I can say so myself.

S/O to my youngin’ @ImDefactoHoe for rolling w/ me to Solas for Margo Sunshine’s birthday over Labor Day Weekend. S/O to the homey Zigg for snapping a dope pic, hands down the ONLY nightlife photographer that matters in this area.

How you gon’ win when you ain’t right within?

— Lauryn Hill, “Doo Wop (That Thing)”

Hard to believe this record was released close to two years ago.

I was in a store a month or so ago when I heard it for the first time and just stood motionless, unable to move. I thought it was just random store filler music - despite how beautiful it sounded.

Then I began to hear this record on the radio and the obsession/fascination grew more and more. It took me close to 15 minutes of Internet super-sleuthing to find it (which is like forever this day and age).

Thank you, Disclosure and Sam Smith, for making this joint.

Interview with my Pops in November 2005 as New Orleans began to rebuild after Post-Katrina. Employed with the city’s Sewer & Water Board, he wasted little time getting back to the city and getting to work.

Yes, I used to host a podcast a long time ago (I really, really wanted to become a notable radio personality…seeing as I have the face for it and all).

As much as we remember the pain the storm caused, I smile when I think about the resiliency of so many who were determined to rebuild the city. 

Random Questions with JHall, Episode 6.

Mason is one the coolest two year olds I’ve ever met. By far. 

The homey Bernard and his li’l one. Photo taken as I crashed the birthday cookout for Bernard’s mom.

I don’t believe the narratives that are frequently force fed to us because I witness the opposite more often. I’m on a lifelong mission to capture and share our true narratives.

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